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Vein Therapy

Laser Vein Therapy

Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted and sometimes painful veins that sit superficial below the skin. Resulting from poorly functioning valves – or vein incompetence (reflux) Varicose veins usually occur in the veins of the legs, although it may occur elsewhere Varicose veins can cause symptoms or be just cosmetically unappealing. Varicose vein disease is a progressive disease and can become worse over time. including the new technologies now on the market. Simply, varicose veins can be easily treated today on an outpatient basis and have you back to your normal activities in just days. 25 Million people suffer from venous reflux disease, the underlying cause for most varicose veins


Sclerotherapy (TES)

Sclerotherapy is a technique of treating thread veins (dermal flares, broken veins, spider veins) and small varicose veins (not all varicose veins are suitable) in the legs by injecting a solution which destroys them. Thermo-coagulation is a technique of treating thread veins based on a high frequency wave producing a thermal lesion with protection of the skin. This exclusive method is effective and virtually painless.

  • A spider vein treatment where a solution is injected into the problem area and destroys threaded/varicose veins
  • An effective and painless treatment
  • Improvement usually seen within 4-6 treatments

Dr. Salem, a consultant vascular surgeon first assesses patients for suitability for treatment in an assessment clinic. Investigations by duplex scan (ultrasound scan of the veins) may be needed in the case of patients with larger varicose veins. If the patient is deemed suitable for treatment, an appointment is given. As many veins as possible are treated during this time. The injections sting for a short period of time, but are not painful. Further session(s) may be needed, depending on the extent of the veins. A tight stocking may need to be applied after the treatment and worn for one to three weeks (depending on the type of veins).


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